Who Are We


SGS 🇩🇪

Co-Founder of Garuda Linux. Loves to artistically underscore the work of the great developer team.

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tbg 🇨🇦

A long time Linux user from the West Coast of Canada.


dr460nf1r3 (Nico) 🇩🇪

A Linux enthusiast from Germany who mainly maintains the servers & dr460nized edition.


Yorper 🇦🇺

An IT professional from Australia, Linux user & enthusiast since the late 90s. Maintains the XFCE edition of Garuda Linux.


Naman Garg 🇮🇳

Young web developer from Haryana, India who maintains the website and the Cinnamon edition.


Rohit 🇮🇳

A FOSS enthusiast, likes to experiment with linux desktop and maintains Qtile version.


TNE 🇦🇹

Developer from Austria, with exceptional C and Javascript skills. Maintains servers and Garuda tools.


Πέτρος (Petsam) 🇬🇷

An opinionated, old-school, Open Source lover, Archlinux user from Greece.


Dalto 🇺🇸

Developer and avid Linux enthusiast from United States.


Filo 🇮🇹

A forum moderator and helper from Italy.


Eduard Tolosa 🇨🇴

Linux user since 2011, sysadmin, DBA, software developer and security analyst from Colombia.



Forum moderator and wiki contributor


FGD 🇨🇦

A passionate Linux user from the East Coast of Canada and co-maintainer of dr460nized Edition.


TilliDie 🇬🇧

Artist and Wallpaper contributor from United Kingdom.


Technetium 🇺🇸

A technology enthusiast from the United States who loves to solve problems.

Special Thanks To


Librewish 🇮🇳
(Shrinivas Vishnu Kumbhar)

Co-Founder of Garuda Linux. Actively contributed in Garuda Linux from 2020 to 2022. Currently on hiatus to concentrate on furthering his career in the IT sector.


Jonathon Fernyhough 🇬🇧

Dear Departed ✝️

Great mentor and a visionary leader. Provided great advice and assistance to the Garuda project while he was still with us.


Zoeruda 🇺🇸

Computer enthusiast and student from the United States. Actively helped in the forum and maintained the MATE edition from 2021 to 2023.