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Garuda Linux

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KDE, GNOME, Xfce, Cinnamon, MATE, LXQt-kwin, Deepin, Wayfire, BSPWM, i3wm.

Why Use Garuda Linux


  1. Linux-zen A faster more responsive kernel.

  2. BTRFS as the default filesytem with zstd compression.

  3. Improved I/O performance, CPU Performance Governer, Zram enabled By Default, Nohang A oom prevention daemon, Preload Loads Frequently used apps to Ram, Ananicy Automatically sets nice levels

  4. Automatic Snapshots before system upgrades.

  5. A custom-themed desktop experience that is easy on the eyes and out of your way.

  6. Easy to install, setup and use (Calamares installer).

  7. GUI for managing drivers and the kernel (Garuda Settings Manager).

  8. GUI tools for snapshot management (Timeshift).

  9. GUI tools for Network Assistant (Garuda Network Assistant).

  10. Proprietary Nvidia driver support: select the 'driver=nonfree' GRUB option at startup.

  11. Gaming Edition

    Today, Linux is becoming a platform of choice for gaming. We provide specialized Ultimate editions for this purpose - our Ultimate editions are offering almost everything that a Linux gamer might want, out-of-the-box.