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Garuda Linux

Choose your desktop environment:
KDE, Xfce, GNOME, LXQt-kwin, Wayfire, Qtile, BSPWM, i3wm and Sway.

Special Spotlights

Easy Installation


We make the installation process simple by using the Calamares installer, which is both fast and easy to use.

Unleash the beauty


With handpicked desktop themes, appealing shell look and beautiful blur effects out of the box, Garuda Linux never lets you down.

BTRFS as the default filesystem with zstd compression


BTRFS is a modern, Copy-on-Write (CoW) filesystem for Linux, aimed at implementing advanced features while also focusing on fault tolerance, repair and easy administration. We use automatic snapshots out of the box.

(Garuda Assistant) GUI tool for various common tasks along with Snapper

Garuda Assistant

While being a rolling release distro, our goal is to ensure that your system will not be left in an unbootable state after a problematic update. Thus, we use the BTRFS filesystem integrated with Snapper which employs an automatic snapshot feature, backing up the system configuration before each update. You can access recent snapshots directly from GRUB*

Chaotic-AUR: a repository with huge selection of precompiled binaries

Garuda Assistant

Garuda uses Chaotic-AUR as repository featuring one of the bigger precompiled software choices out there out of the box. Among the selection of software are a lot of emulators, kernels, games, themes and other commonly used tools - around 2400 packages right now!

A privacy-friendly yet usable browser based on LibreWolf (FireDragon)

Garuda Assistant

We ship our own browser, FireDragon which is forked from LibreWolf. Amongst its features are privacy-friendly defaults, enhanced KDE integration and a small collection of useful addons. The default search engine is SearX instance run on our server.

GUI for managing drivers and kernels (Garuda Settings Manager)

Garuda Settings Manager

GUI for installing curated gaming software (Garuda Gamer)

Garuda Gamer


Rolling Release

Garuda Linux is a rolling release distro based on Arch Linux, which ensures always getting the latest software updates.

We only use one extra repo on top of Arch Linux repos, placing us very close to Arch Linux without having to install the system via command line.


A faster, more-responsive Linux kernel optimized for desktop, multimedia and gaming.

Result of a collaborative effort of kernel hackers to provide the best Linux kernel possible for everyday systems.

Ease of Use

We use micro as the default, terminal-based text editor that aims to be easy to use and intuitive, while taking advantage of the capabilities of modern terminals.

Garuda Linux offers you various GUI tools for managing system settings out of the box to make your jumpstart easier.

Always Free

Garuda Linux will always remain free and open source. Our source code is currently hosted on GitLab . Everyone has right to copy, compile, study, modify and redistribute the source code. We create it to have a Linux-based operating system that is easy to use and beautiful.

Focus on Performance

Our goal is to provide a distro that focuses only on performance while making it beautiful. Thats why we made some (sane) performance tweaks.

1. Improved I/O performance.
2. CPU scheduler set to performance - optional: install power-saving tweaks.
3. ZRAM enabled by default.
4. Nohang, an OOM prevention daemon.
5. Ananicy-Cpp, which automatically adjust NICE levels
*Garuda Linux does not imply that BTRFS snapshots are a full backup solution. If you wish to ensure your data's security you must implement your own full data backup regimen. Garuda is not responsible in any way or manner if a data loss occurs. The user is solely responsible for ensuring the safety of their own data. Likewise, Garuda cannot guarantee that Btrfs snapshots can recover your system to a functional state in the event of a serious system breakage.